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Easy, fun, safe!  Ages 4 and up.  Just like sandart, you scoop and layer different colors of scented wax into a pre-wicked candle glass.  It takes about10 minutes.  The wax clumps together to form a layered look, a tie-dye appearance, a quilted look, or a spangled style.  It then gets packed down with a plastic disk and then the candle lady melts the top. No two candles come out alike and it will burn like a regular candle, layer to scented layer.   
$8 small
$10 medium
$13 large 
Even adults who are a kid at heart find it fun to do!!

Our facility will no longer be open to public August 2016.  This furthers our commitment to wholesale manufacturing.
Please visit our festival page to see where you can go to make your own candle!  We do library programs, too!